Ruraq – Automate compositions creation in After Effects

I created this tool in order to solve an issue after editing lots of time-lapses. I needed to automate certain processes that I do everytime I import an image sequence into After Effects and because I always work the same way, so thanks to this script I can work faster when creating compositions for my time-lapses.

After using the script for a few years I decided it was time to update it and make it public so everyone can use it completely free of charge.

Download Ruraq

Click here to download Ruraq

How do I use the script?

1 – Make sure After Effects is not open.

2 – Download the script from this page (above are two options to download) and unzip the file.

3 – Copy the file Ruraq_v1.x.jsxbin and paste it on the following path:


C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects <version>\Support Files\Scripts


/Applications/Adobe After Effects <version>/Support Files/Scripts

4 – Open After Effects and go to File > Scripts > Ruraq_v1.x.jsxbin.

This window with the script will open:

5 – Now you need to select an image sequence from the Project panel and choose the different options on the script to create the compositions for the selected footage.

  • FPS: this is the frame rate the composition will have.
  • Resolution: this is the resolution the composition will have.
  • Add attributes to composition name: this will add the information of the FPS and resolution to the composition name.
  • Add compositions to render queue: this will add all the compositions to the render queue in After Effects.
  • Output path: by clicking this button you will be able to select a folder for the render queue output path.
  • Depth: this option will let you change the bits per channel of your project.
  • Working Space: change the color space of your project.
  • Unsharp Mask: lets you add an unsharp mask to every composition you create based on the footage selected from the Project panel. You can also choose the amount and radius for the unsharp mask effect.
  • Create composition: once you selected all the options for your footage it is time to click this button to create the different compositions.

Once you click on Create composition the script will process all the selected footage from the Project panel and will do the following:

  • Create a composition based on all the selected options on the script.
  • Scale the size of image sequence to the size of the composition.

Free of charge software

The script is completely free, but below there’s a button to make a donation if you want to do that. Donations help me keep creating this kind of tool completely free of charge.

I want to donate

Version history


  • The Help button is now working again
  • Error messages are now more clear to understand

v1.3 (more information here):

  • New section called Project that will let you change the bits per channel and color space of your current project
  • I added the 2.35:1 aspect ratio for all available resolutions
  • You can now use 59.94 FPS
  • I updated an alert message regarding the Help button to correctly reflect changes in AE 2020
  • I skipped v1.2 because that one was meant for a script I made specifically for my advanced time-lapse editing course. This way every script is now using the same version


  • First public version
  • Now every single option can be modified by the user, it was all by default before
  • Added an option to select an output path for the render queue
  • I named the script Ruraq (it used to have a horrible generic name)


  • First version, for private use only

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