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Why do you teach?

After years of self-taught learning I decided it was time to share my knowledge and give back somehow everything I learned along the way. I do this via workshops and video courses, but also through my YouTube channel and personal blog, completely free of charge.

Will I get good pictures?

In general the first few pictures you take when learning new techniques aren't the best you'll take in your life, but you can rest assured you'll gain enough knowledge to apply later to your photo shoots, then you'll get great pictures after a lot of practice. It's not just me saying this, my students will tell you the same thing.

What happens after the workshop/course?

After you finish the workshop or course we can stay in touch via email. If you have questions you can send me a message and I'll try to reply you as soon as possible.

When are you teaching in my city?

I'm available to teach worldwide. If you want me to teach in your city, contact me so we can organize something together and make it happen.

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    If you have questions about the workshops or courses let me know by writing me via this contact form.