Stock time-lapse add-ons

Stock time-lapse add-ons

Star trails

There are a few night time-lapses in the store available with this look:

You will get footage with the trails the stars create through the sky.

Keep in mind that not every time-lapse will show a circle in the sky. The lines will be different based on the cardinal direction the camera was pointing at when the time-lapse was shot.

You should also know that if clouds or the Moon are present in the shot, they will also create a trail.

If you want the trails to start at a specific point in the video, let me know in the order additional information, otherwise the trails will start at frame 2


You can choose to add one (1) constellation to your time-lapse, which will also make its stars pop in the sky.

If you are looking for a specific constellation, please contact me before licensing a time-lapse. I’m slowly adding the available constellations to every time-lapse in my store

Slow down video

If you need a time-lapse with a longer duration, you can license a slower version of the video. The time-lapse will be longer, but will play slower. This is ideal for brief moments that happen very quickly, for example a total solar eclipse:

Almost all my time-lapses can be slowed down to 25% of its original speed, more than that and strange glitches will appear in the image. Let me know what percentage of speed you need in your order’s additional information

Flat video

When licensing a time-lapse you will be able get it with a flat color profile. This is useful if you plan to heavily color grade the footage to match your project:

The video will have low contrast and saturation, but you will get a flicker and noise free time-lapse.

If you want the footage exactly straight out of camera, please let me know in your order’s additional information (I do not recommend this, you will have to do a lot of work in post-production)