Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

The present terms and conditions apply to every page and digital file stored on this website.

If you use this website or download any of the digital files stored here you accept these terms and conditions. By agreeing with that you also accept this website’s privacy policy.

Intelectual Property Rights

Other than the mobile phone and desktop computer screenshots, the content you own (for example personal data, comments, etc), unless stated, all the content uploaded to the server hosting www.leandroperez.art is owned by Leandro Agustín Pérez and he has all the intellectual property rights for said content.

Stock Videos

When you purchase a license for a stock video you get a royalty-free license for personal or professional use in one or more projects, according to the license you purchase.

After the purchase you will get a PDF file containing a download link with the licensed video. If you licensed several videos you will get a PDF per video.

Stock videos are delivered via Internet in no more than 48hs after received payment. The sample clip you see in the store is a low-resolution one. The licensed clip has an excellent image quality and has no watermark on it.

You cannot resell or sublicense the clips individually, but you can sell them if they are included in your project, for example a documentary or a movie.

Here you will find detailed information about the video licenses.

Courses and workshop study material

By purchasing a course from this website you are granted only personal access to it. The same goes to the study material you get from a workshop. You cannot share the contents using any type of storage media, upload them to the Internet or resell them.


The wallpapers are for personal use only. You cannot share the files using any type of storage media, upload them to the Internet, resell them or print them.

Video and Image Editing Tools (scripts, presets, actions, etc)

Scripts, actions or presets must be used as indicated in the download page of each tool and you cannot modify them in any way unless otherwise stated. If you think the tools should offer a functionality that is not available, please contact me and I’ll try to add it in future updates.


You are restricted from the following:

  • Share the licensed clips download links, courses or any paid tool on this website with friends, family members or acquaintances.
  • Resell, sublicense and/or commercialize this website’s content or downloaded files.
  • Use the exercise files with commercial purposes. They are for personal use only.

Payment methods

I'm constantly looking for new and better payment methods that offer great user experience, as well as different alternatives to make purchases on my store.

Please add a product or service to your cart, then in the checkout you'll see the available payment methods for your country.

Downloads and Refunds

Stock Videos

When you license a stock video from this website you will get a download link that will be available for 7 days only, then it will be automatically deleted.

Once you have downloaded the licensed video no refunds will be given.

Please make sure the video you want to purchase is right for your project before making a payment. You can download a sample by clicking below the Proxy column on each video.

If you need to return a stock video, I can only refund you if the file was not downloaded and you contacted me in less than 7 days since the purchase. If you want to change your stock video you will get a new download link.

Fine-art prints

If you purchased a print and the image has not been printed yet, you can ask for a 100% refund. If the picture has been already printed you won't be able to get a refund.

Video and Image Editing Tools (scripts, presets, actions, etc) and Courses

The courses and video and image editing tools links will be always online, that content is uploaded for unlimited time for you to download.

Once you have downloaded an editing tool or course no refunds will be given.

If you need to return a paid editing tool, I can only refund you if the file was not downloaded and you contacted me in less than 7 days since the purchase.

Workshops and Photo Safaris

If you can't attend let me know between 14 to 8 days before the event to get back 50% of your money via the same payment method you used to pay for the workshop. I can't offer refunds if you let me know 7 days before the workshop.

Refund payment method

The money is refunded using the payment method you used at the moment of the purchase, but I cannot refund you Mercado Pago or PayPal fees since they keep that money when you make a payment.

Personal accident insurance

I'm aware of the dangers of walking at night in the middle of nowhere, that's why all my photo safaris include a personal accident insurance from San Cristóbal Seguros.

Email invitations

After purchasing something from the store, you will get an email with an invitation to review the purchased product or service. You are not obligated to leave a review, but your comment will make me offer better products and services on this website and it will be useful for other users looking for opinions before making a purchase.

Variation of Terms and Conditions

I reserve the right to modify these terms and conditions in any time I see fit and I promise to announce it via my mailing or WhatsApp list.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

These terms will be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Argentine Republic, and you submit to the jurisdiction of the province and courts located in Córdoba for the resolution of any disputes.

Terms and Conditions updated on April 25, 2020