Privacy policy

Privacy Policy

I manage my WhatsApp list, mailing list and store information responsibly and I have no intention of making that data public or selling it.

If you subscribed to the WhatsApp or mailing list

  • I’ll only send you messages if you allow me to (that is, if you are subscribed)
  • I’ll only send messages related to my courses, workshops, my blog posts or when I believe a new product on my store might be of use for you, as well as discount coupon codes

Do you want to stop receiving messages from me?

  • You can unsubscribe from the mailing list by clicking on the link on every email I send that is located at the bottom of the email
  • To opt-out of the WhatsApp list you just need to delete my phone number from your contacts and you will stop receiving messages

Visitor tracking

This website uses Google Analytics to track its visitors. I use that information to improve the services I offer by reading that data. The recorded information is anonymous, I have no way to know personal information about you. Google Analytics is a third party service that uses cookies. If you don’t want to share your information with this website, you can disable the cookies for your web browser for this site to stop sending your information.

Contact form

No data sent through the contact form is shared with other people. All the information you send using a contact form is stored in this website’s database in order to be able to contact you.


All the information you enter when buying something from the store is also stored in this website’s database, with the exception of Mercado Pago or PayPal information, I have no way to check that data or your credit card data.

By saving your information here, you’ll be able to access your orders every time you need to check download links or tracking numbers, among other useful information for you.