About me

Leandro Pérez

Photo: Emanuel Vasquez

I'm a self-taught landscape photographer specialized in astrophotography and time-lapse. I started shooting in 2010 thanks to my good friend Karim Ayame. After a while, what was back then a hobby became a passion that made me look at photography with a professional perspective. I got my degree as filmmaker (the career is called Tecnicatura Superior en Comunicación Audiovisual) in Córdoba, Argentina on May 2019.

In 2011 Karim and I made our first time-lapse film called Tinogasta (verano 2011), in which we tried to show a bit of our city to the world. After that we created Proyecto Tinogasta, followed by some photography exhibitions with local photographers.

By 2012 I perfected my craft and went full time on independent photography. I produced, directed and photographed a film called Norte Argentino, later that year declared of Parliamentary Interest by the Catamarca province House of Representatives. It was during that production that I realized how important photography is to me as a way to express myself and also the reason why I started studying filmmaking a few years later.

My passion for astrophotography started before making the short film, but during that production I got interested in astronomy. By looking at my pictures I noticed there was more to what I could see, I realized I needed to understand the magnitude of what I was capturing and observing during my nighttime shootings that went beyond the artistic side.

I used everything I learned about astronomy to get better at astrophotography and time-lapse, in which I try to show the emotions those natural and desolated landscapes make me feel. During that time I changed on a personal level, because every time I go out to shoot at night, I feel a bit more connected to the vast universe around us. Just being in the middle of nowhere below a star filled sky is a completely amazing experience I think everybody should at least try once.

After finishing with my filmmaking classes, I decided to share all my knowledge via Internet in my personal blog (the Spanish version has way more articles) and my YouTube channel; by teaching photography and editing workshops and video courses as well.

I approach almost all my personal projects just by myself to avoid distractions during the shoots, also because I truly enjoy the solitude those remote landscapes I photograph make me feel. But sometimes I get lucky to find people willing to come along with me to those beautiful places with extreme weather and temperatures, which never cease to amaze me, no matter how many times I go back.

Photography for me is something I can really use to communicate the way I feel and how I see the world, that’s why it’s a big part of my life and thanks to it I’ve been able to visit places I would have never visited otherwise.

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