Licensing information

Licensing information

All the stock videos on this website have a Royalty-free (RF) license, this allows you to:

  • Use them for commercial or editorial purposes
  • Use them worldwide
  • Use them forever

This applies to every clip, but you must choose a license according to your project:

Extended5Documentary, educational or corporate
Premium10Advertisement, entertainment or editorial
ExclusiveUnlimitedDocumentary, educational, corporate, advertisement, entertainment or editorial

Make sure to choose one that suit your needs before buying. Keep in mind that when you buy a stock video from this website you are accepting the terms and conditions.

What is Royalty-free?

Royalty-free means that you don’t have to pay royalties every time you use a clip in your project. You only pay one time to license and use the clip for a certain project (according to the license you purchased).

Number of projects

One project can include several licensed clips (TV series, advertisements, etc) and different platforms (streaming, Facebook, YouTube, website, television, etc). But, each use of the licensed clip has to fall under the same project title, otherwise, if you exceed the license number of projects you purchased, you’ll have to purchase a new license.

Types of project

  • Personal: clips used in a website, blog, YouTube channel, Instagram profile, etc, but it has to be a personal one.
  • Documentary: clips used in a documentary (non-fiction movies).
  • Educational: clips used for learning or teaching purposes.
  • Corporate: clips used for in-house corporate purposes.
  • Advertisement: clips used in a commercial spot or advertisement.
  • Entertainment: clips used in fictional movies, television, live, YouTube channel, social networks, etc.
  • Editorial: clips used in a newspaper, magazine, news website, blog website, etc.

What is an Exclusive License?

If you buy a video with that type of license, I will remove it from my website so nobody else can license it.

Licenses prices

Licenses prices on this website are lower than what you would find in the stock market, this is because I can keep 100% of the revenue on every sale, this way I can offer lower prices than the market price.


  • You must only use the clips on the type of project according to the license you purchased. For example, if you purchased a Standard license you cannot use the clips in a project different from a personal one.
  • You cannot resell the clips individually, but you can sell them as part of your project, for example you can include it in a movie, documentary, etc.

Credits information

If you want to add my name in the credits of your project you can use the following information:

Time-lapse photography
Leandro Pérez

Thank you very much!

File deletion

Remember that the video files will be automatically deleted after 7 days from receiving this file, as stated in my website Terms and Conditions. If you ever need to download them again, just let me know and I’ll provide you a new download link free of charge.

Doubts, issues or recommendations?

Get in touch with me clicking here and let me know how I can help you.