Tukuchiy - The best way to export photos for the web with Photoshop

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    I believe the best way to export images for the web is using Photoshop, compared to Lightroom we have more control over the unsharp mask (something really necessary since we are resizing the pictures). With this action you will be able to automate the export process and make sure your photos will have the proper size and sharpening for different social media networks.

    How do I use the action?

    1 - Unzip the file you downloaded from this page. You will find a file with atn extension.

    2 - Open Photoshop.

    3 - Go to Window > Actions.

    4 - In the Actions window click on the icon with four lines, then click on Load Actions...

    5 - Search for the file you unzipped on step one and open it. You will see the actions inside a folder.

    6 - That's it, the action is now installed.

    Open a picture, choose one of the actions and click on the play button at the end of the actions window.

    Follow the steps on screen to save the picture.

    Free of charge software

    The action is completely free, but below there's a button to make a donation if you want to do that. Donations help me keep creating this kind of tool completely free of charge.

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    Version history


    • First public version


    • Corrected a typo
    • Added a new action por YouTube posts
    • Updated the pixel value for Facebook and Instagram according to their official help pages
    • Added a new action for generic profile pictures

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