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After teaching several time-lapse workshops I noticed there are some mistakes among my students that keep coming up, so I thought about doing this checklist so they could make sure everything is perfect in order to avoid mistakes before, during and after shooting.

The idea is very simple: you need to follow certain steps that will give you a shot technically correct. I mean technically because there are several other things that could go wrong, like bad weather, but that is something we can't control so that's not in the list.

Eventually these steps will become part of you so after a while you won't need the list anymore, but this is a perfect solution for those who are just starting with time-lapse.

Two alternatives

I made two identical lists to be used with alternative tools, both are available for Android and iOS.

  1. The first one is for Google Sheets, the Excel-like app from Google. It's functional but not as pretty as the second alternative.
  2. The second one is for Evernote. Very functional and prettier than the other.

Both work with no Internet connection, so if you are in the middle of nowhere with no cellphone signal you will be able to use it anyway. Just remember to reset them after using them to avoid confusions (untick the selected options).

How to use the checklist

Once you see the download links, access any of the lists from your phone, open the checklist using your preferred app and make a copy of the list. This way you will be able to edit it and tick the different steps.

Instructions for Google Sheets

Instructions for Evernote

App downloads

You can download the apps using the following links:

  1. Google Sheets
  2. Evernote

Both lists can be donwloaded using the options at the top of this page.

Free of charge software

The checklist is completely free, but I added the option to make a donation on the top of the page if you want to do that. Donations help me keep creating this kind of tool completely free of charge.

Version history


  • First public version

Keep yourself updated

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