Time-lapse photography workshop

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8 hours in total - 3 intensive classes: theory (3hs), practice (2hs) and editing (3hs)

What's included?

What's included?

Snacks, study material and post-workshop support

What's not included?

What's not included?

Transportation to practice location (you can share vehicle with another participant), meals

It may seem that time-lapse photography is very recent, but people has been using the technique for a quite some time. Movies like Koyaanisqatsi (1982) and Baraka (1992) use the technique to tell stories only visually and without dialogue, that is why they are great examples people keep bringing up when talking about time-lapse. But it wasn’t until a few years ago that the technique became quite popular. In recent years productions of all types have been using time-lapse. Today just one person is enough to create high quality content using the technique, that was not possible before since the gear was quite heavy for one person to carry around and it was pretty expensive as well. Currently, time-lapse photography is everywhere and anybody with creativity, dedication and few resources is able to create high quality content using the technique.

You will learn what a time-lapse is, not just as a video created from photographs, but as a resource you can use on an audiovisual production as well. You will get to know about the different types of applications a time-lapse has (there are different branches of time-lapse photography), and you will learn about all the technical knowledge needed to create time-lapse videos.


  • Basic computer skills
  • Basic Lightroom Classic skills
  • How to use a camera in manual mode
  • A tripod
  • An intervalometer (external or internal). If you don't have one please check here if you can use any of those (Workshops tab)
  • Latest version of the following software:

Make sure to install and test the software before the workshop. I don't offer software installation during the workshop to avoid wasting time and to get the most out of the class.


Currently I am teaching in Spanish only, I am trying to improve my spoken English before teaching in that language.

My work

Clicking here you can see the time-lapses I shot using the techniques we'll learn during the workshop.

Additional information


  • What is time-lapse photography?
    • Persistence of vision
    • FPS and how they affect a time-lapse
  • Time-lapses branches and different applications on an audiovisual
  • Advantages and disadvantages of photo cameras against video cameras for creating time-lapses - Which one is better?
  • How to get a correct motion blur
  • What camera do you need to shoot a time-lapse?
  • Other accesories for shooting time-lapses
  • Scouting - How and why you should plan a time-lapse
  • Composition
    • Aspect ratio
  • How to properly set up the camera to shoot a time-lapse
  • How to properly set up an intervalometer
  • Different interval times to get a proper time-lapse based on the subject
  • Introduction to day-to-night (holy grail) techniques
  • Time-lapse calculations and formulas
  • How to get the most out of a smartphone to capture great time-lapses
  • How to edit a time-lapse
    • Editing with Lightroom Classic
    • Adjustments and corrections using LRTimelapse (transitions, deflicker, render and fixing common capture mistakes)
    • How to cut time-lapses to a song in Shotcut
      • How to import files
      • Cutting (editing)
      • Render

How does online teaching work?

Online workshops are via Google Meet where you can see my computer's screen while I'm teaching the theory, then you can go out and practice by yourself and finally we have a second meeting so you can learn how to edit what you captured. The workshop is completely interactive! You can ask questions at any time during the videocall.

  • Date and time at students convenience
  • You need a microphone and speakers/headphones to take the workshop
  • Google Meet can be used directly from your Internet browser, there's no need to install any additional app (check this page to learn how to use Meet)
  • 4 people minimum are needed for me to teach a group workshop

Special offers

These offers cannot be combined with any other offers.


If you can't attend let me know between 14 to 8 days before the event to get back 50% of your money via the same payment method you used to pay for the workshop. I can't offer refunds if you let me know 7 days before the workshop. No exceptions.


Practice will get cancelled if there's bad weather (rain or zonda wind). The practice gets postponed to another day agreed by the participants.

For more information please contact me

When is the next workshop?

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